English, French and German walking or bicycle tours Maastricht

Hi folks, great news! It is possible to book an informal open-minded Nice Guide to guide you on a simple Dutch bike* or walking through the oldest city of The Netherlands, the place to be! Let us show you the medieval city walls, the beautiful churches and cosy squares and places to shop or eat something. Perhaps we can spot an eagle owl on mount St. Pieter, the place where several skulls of the mosasaur where found! It will be fun!

* Unsure how to ride on a bicycle in The Netherlands? We can teach you! You will learn in one hour about the do’s and don’ts in Dutch traffic and we will practice in the city traffic! Interesting for expats and foreign students.

Please contact us for your options! See you! Salut! Tschüß!

T: +31(0)6 4224 4000
E: info@niceguide.nl